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Clinical Use: TPS - Uni-Cam

TPS 3 Access System: For Professional Clinical Use

The Access TPS 3 is the top of the range Unicam Access system. It combines the Access ability to accommodate a wide range of lower limb injuries.The easy to use incrementally adjustable crank system provides a unique range of exercises for knee, hip and ankle mobilisation, strength and endurance training. This system provides the maximum functionality and meets the needs of diverse facilities handling the full range of lower limb conditions.

Patient driven Therapist controlled exercises offer repeatable and measurable outcomes.

High repetition of movement within short timescales promotes quick and effective increases in joint flexibility. Patients report a sense of acheivement and motivation on a session by session basis.

  • Unilateral/Bilateral Knee ROM 15deg + Passive assist and compliant active function
  • Unilateral/Bilateral Ankle Dorsi / Plantar ROM 15deg +
  • Unilateral/Bilateral Ankle Inversion/Eversion 10 deg
  • Unilateral Hamstrings / Quads
  • Easy access

Unicam TPS 3

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