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American Physical Therapy Association Endorses Unicam Therapeutic Pedal System (TPS)

Dear Paul
I recently purchased the Retroflex from you, i just wanted to let you know how good I feel now I can use an exercise cycle,the benefits are obvious but the feeling after suffering with a chronic knee condition for 26 years is a fantastic one.
I wish I had heard about this years ago, who knows I may have even avoided the heart disease.i am sure that there are many out there like me who have never heard of this system which is a shame as it is really easy to fit to a bike (I bought a kettler by the way) and could help lots of people with dodgy knees.
well it just remains to say thank you VERY MUCH.
I may keep you updated on my progress though I must admit I am not very good at that kind of stuff.
Ray Sugden

Hello Paul
Wanted to say how blummin brilliant it is being able to ride a bike again after all these years. I havenít had the opportunity to get out much but certainly have enjoyed those outings Iíve squeezed in so far.
Thereís been so much interest in the Retroflex crank from passers-by, to the bike shops (Iíd searched a few to find something I liked that wasnít too costly), and friends and family. Youíre quite the regular hero here in Berkshire.
Iíve also let my old surgeon know, whoís thrilled (and aware of your product already from early demonstrations youíd given) and hope to get the bike over to my old physiotherapy centre sometime to show them, as they too will be so pleased, having passed to me your contact details.
I think you need a website showing this amazing bit of kit so people with bad knees all over the UK get to know about it and can contact you easily.
Thanks again !
Lisa Blackwood

Hi Paul
Just been on one of your TPS bikes at the hospital and I think it's amazing.
John Cossins

Hi Paul
Thankyou very much for the Retroflex which has arrived and is now fitted....works really well, and it is great to be able to get on a bike once more.
Our plan is to take the adaptation with us on holiday regularly, to fit on another cycle.
Many Thanks once again
Sandra de Louche

Hi Paul
I hope this email finds you and yours doing well.
I have received the Retroflex pedal system and cannot properly express how
much your product has changed my life for the better. Since 1998 when I
had my accident, I have been limited in my ability to circulate locally
and have depended on my auto to go even a few blocks from home. Since
purchasing your product I have been able to go and see local sights and
events previously out of my reach. The change has been dramatic for myself
and my family.
Chris Roversi (Italy)

Hi Paul
Just to let you know, Retroflex arrived yesterday
Today I went on my first bike ride for more than 30 years.
Interestingly, there is no noticeable difference in the feel of either leg, pedalling just seems very natural.
Congratulations on solving my problem.
Allan Wallis (France)

Hello Paul & Caroline
We have just returned from three weeks in St. Remy de Provence, and hope you had the same superb weather as we did on your holiday in France.
We cycled most days in brilliant 30 deg. c sunshine around the lovely quiet fruit growing country roads surrounding St. Remy., nothing too strenuous each day but managing to clock up almost 400 klms. during our holiday period. Lots of wayside picnics and stop offs for delicious coffee & croisants.
Your Retroflex cycle fitment received many comments from other tourists.........mainly German......technical people....... all said they had never seen anything like it before.
and mentioned friends & family who could do with such a cycle fitment after lower limb operations which had failed. Two such persons, were Physiotherapists, one with her own business but who also worked within the hospital system direct with consultants & surgeons in Stuttgart.
Norma & Philip Varley.

Happy Christmas Paul and your wife,
I want to wish you a peace happiness and a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2013 and to thank you for what your bicycle pedals Retroflex have done for me.
They have made such a difference here is what I tell my friends:-
Now the bike is in my bedroom and I cycle approximately 23 to 25 miles (35 mins in morning and 35 mins in the evening), almost every day. As the bike is programmable I can go up and down hills at different rates to really exercise the knees while non-weight bearing instead of struggling along the pavements. I think this has greatly contributed to my weight loss and also to my feeling of well-being having done a good work-out session. As yet I have not re-applied for the knee op, although I will have to sometime, but not during the winter months anyway.

'After almost 6 years of not being able to cycle due to a calcified knee with a ROM of just 20 degrees, getting the Retroflex has been a dream come true. I can now see a future where cycling can play a big part in my life again, just like before my accident. Thank you so much Paul'
Colin Simpson

Hi Paul, I cannot praise you enough, been spreading the word of this marvellous product Retroflex.

At the age of 25 I had a serious road traffic accident and whilst in hospital I was told many times I may lose my leg. After a total hip replacement, many operations and reconstructions I still have it, although with limited knee bend.

I was told I would never achieve more than 30 degrees bend in my knee and would struggle to walk let alone do any physical activity. This as you would expect for a young guy was painful to deal with and not just physically.

With some physio and a lot of hard work we managed to get it up to 70 degrees.

I then found Paul and he made me change the way I feel about myself forever. He gave me something back which I thought (and was told) would never be within my reach again for the rest of my life. Cycling.

This made a huge difference to me. With Paul's Retroflex adaption installed on a mountain bike I was able to ride a bike with my wife and son and do something 'normal' again. Mentally this was huge, and I wanted more.

With Mr Wiggins helping the cycling craze to hit Britain I thought I would try road cycling. This put a lot less pressure on my body and enabled me to go further for less effort. I started doing a couple of sportives with friends and it was great to be part of a group.

By now the bug had really set in and my fitness was up. I started to overtake people! I purchased a new lightweight road bike and started to challenge myself more and more. I have since completed countless events including the infamous 210km Dragon Ride through the Welsh mountains and the equally big Magnificat. My biggest ride to date is a nonstop ride to Landsí End and back in 24hrs totalling over 400km! and all of this from a guy who very nearly could never walk again.

Iím now 32 and own 4 bikes and cannot get enough. Never think there is something out of your reach, because there are people out there like Paul at Uni-Cam to solve life's problems. Always look forward.

Paul thank you

You have changed my life.
John Miller

Hi Carolina, Paul,
Today we have received the Retroflex!
After install it in the bike we will send you pictures.
Thank you very much for your excellent attention in all details.
Warm regards,
Alejandro, Uguanda

Awesome engineering, awesome service. After regaining my childhood biking skills, this Scott is just fab in the woods and trails. Paul, you're a hero.
Carl Millington.
Unicam Custom Retroflex upgrade - approximately half the weight of a standard Retroflex.

Back in the saddle again! After 4 serious knee surgeries including Total Knee Replacement, 2 spacer replacements and finally a Knee Revision, I am able to spin on a bicycle with help from some British ingenuity! It's called UniCam and you can read about it here: http://www.uni-cam.com.

My surgeon told me, after all these surgeries, that I should not consider myself as a cyclist but rather as a walker. After 3 months of Physical Therapy the max bend I got was 80 degrees which is not enough to ride a standard bike. With all the scar tissue from the 4 surgeries, it look like I was never going to get on a bike again!
See it in action here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwZ7mLS0pSo&feature=youtu.be

But thanks to Paul Butterworth I am no able to enjoy spinning. My hope is to increase the angles over time and get closer to actually riding a bike. It will be a difficult task but at least with the UniCam Retroflex I have a chance.

I hope all Physical Therapist who help with Total Knee Replacements and Knee Revisions will review this invention and recommend it to their employers - it's a marvellous invention!
Barton Hammond. USA. October 2016

"Hi Paul I'm getting on really well with your Unicam Retroflex, my knee flex has went from 53 degrees to 75 which is brilliant news which has helped with so much other things in my daily life. The increased blood flow that cycling has given me has done wonders for healing my leg, I've just not long started being on the road regularly with it due to stability and recovery issues but even our 4 degrees temperatures at the moment I'm still loving it. 5 mile runs combined with the rest of my daily exercises are about a long enough run for me at the moment but that will only keep building.
I can't thank you enough for the feeling of cycling which without you I would not have felt again"
Thanks greatly
Lee Chapman, January 2017

Just a quick note to thank you and let you know how things are goingwith my Retroflex. I bought a

crank adaptor from you around 3 years, following a knee accident that prevented me from being able to ride my bike. Being sent to Musgrove for treatment the OT recommended I get in touch with you as they were sure you could get me back on my back again. I did go on to contact you and you explained the workings of the Retroflex with me. At first it was fitted to my turbo trainer, and I could immediately see it was the right peice of equipment for my injured knee bend, this being a 45 degree angle. It was magic that I was back on my bike again after a years absence.

The Retroflex is a smart bit of engineering which enables anyone to ride their bike again. You cleverly attached a false crank to your original crank and it can be adapted for either right or left side of a bike.

If you are a cyclist who would like to ride but through injury are unable to, I would go for this smart peice of kit. I can throughly recommend this equipment. It worked for me, as I am sure it will work for others. Ingenious!!

Many thanks - Eric Webb


Hi Paul
Let me begin by saying I have been blown away by the quality of your product the Retroflex, and have enjoyed every moment using it
ThankS Ryan Guettler

Paul fitted my bike with a Unicam pedal, as a was unable to have a full bend on my right knee, and I was awaiting surgery for a complete knee replacement. Having had my new pedal fitted, Retroflex, I was then able to comfortably cycle, with my husband and a friend, from Lands End to John O Groats. I would definitely not have been able to achieve this without my special pedal!
Having now had my knee replacement, although I have still, as yet, not got full flexion in the joint, I am looking forward to getting back on my bike this Spring, thanks to my Unicam pedal!
Thank you so much Paul and team.

Sue Southgate